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Hi LED LIGTHS ASSEMBLING TRAINING, CELL PHONE CHIPLEVEL SERVICE TRAINING and PCB DESIGNING & FABRICATION TRAINING 3 days crash course will start on Nov-16,17,18 call/whatsapp: 9841099911, 9444034246
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SMT Electronics Training

Table V04
Course Details
Course code ADSE
Course Name Advanced Diploma in SMT Electronics Training
Course Type Direct
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 1 weeks
Batch Type Regular,Fast Track,Week End (Saturday only)
Regular : 1 hr / 2 hrs Daily Class
Weekend : 4 hrs of Every Saturday.
Payment Mode By Cash / Card Payment / Demand Draft favoring "CHIP SYSTEMS", Payable at Chennai
Registration 2 Photo, 1 Address Proof, Registration Charges Rs.250 is Extra
We provide Space- Includes Class rooms & Lab with all facilities, Course materials, ID card, Note, Pen, Life time Backup Support, Whole sale materials Purchase References, Old & New materials contacts, Job Assistance, Self Employment Assistance & Etc...
Exam Online Examination with Online Verified Certificate.


WEAK-1 Basic electronics:
  • introduction
  • what is difference between electrical and electronics
  • What is current and volt?
  • What is difference between AC and DC? AC current/volt, DC current /volt
  • Difference between normal electronics and SMT electronics
  • What is multimeter? How use multimeter?
  • What is resistor and its working function?
  • Types of resistor
  • Resistor colour coding
  • Difference between normal resistor and SMT resistor
  • How find Smd resistor value? And its checking method
  • What is capacitor and its working function?
  • Types of capacitor
  • Difference between normal capacitor and SMT capacitor
  • How find capacitor value? And its checking method
  • Student soldering practical-resistor and capacitor
  • What is inductor and its working function?
  • Types of inductor
  • Inductor checking method
  • What is transformer and its working function?
  • Types of transformer
  • Transformer checking method
  • What is diode and its working function?
  • Types of diode
  • Difference between normal diode and SMT diode
  • diode checking method
  • What is transistor and its working function?
  • Types of transistor-mosfet,Fet,PNP and NPN
  • Difference between normal transistor and SMT transistor
  • Transistor checking method
  • Students soldering practice
  • Mosfet and diode
Integrated circuits [IC]:
  • What is ic? And it's working function?
  • Types of ic
  • Various packages of ic
  • Smd double side ic removing and fixing by using SMD REWORK STATION
  • Smd four side ic removing and fixing by using SMD REWORK STATION

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