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E-vehicle installation, cellphone,cctv,led tv, led ligths training 3 days batch start on 8 to 10 th Nov. call: 98410 99911 / 94440 34246.
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Security Devices Package Installation Training

Table V04
Course Details
Course code Security Pack
Course Name Security Devices Package Installation Training
Course Type Direct
Eligibility No Need
Age Limit No bar
Duration 6 weeks
Batch Type Regular,Fast Track,Week End (Saturday only)
Regular : 1 hr / 2 hrs Daily Class
Weekend : 4 hrs of Every Saturday.
Payment Mode By Cash / Card Payment / Demand Draft favoring "CHIP SYSTEMS", Payable at Chennai
Registration 2 Photo, 1 Address Proof, Registration Charges Rs.250 is Extra
We provide Space- Includes Class rooms & Lab with all facilities, Course materials, ID card, Note, Pen, Life time Backup Support, Whole sale materials Purchase References, Old & New materials contacts, Job Assistance, Self Employment Assistance & Etc...
Exam Online Examination with Online Verified Certificate.


WEAK-1 Access Control:
  • Access Control Introduction
  • Required Tools Of Access Control
  • How to use Settings ESSL I face 302 Device
  • How to use Settings ESSL X990 C Device
  • How to use Settings ESSL K21 Device
  • How to use Settings ESSL SC-203 Device
  • Etime track lite Software Installation
  • How to Configure IP Address
  • How to Add Device etime track lite Software?
  • How to Operating etime track lite Software?
  • Door access Control Introduction
  • How to connect EM Lock with Door with Different types Of Devices
  • Now a days Latest Technology usings
  • Fire Alarm Introduction
  • Required Tools Of Fire Alarm
  • How to select the input and output device and control panel
  • Detectors
    • Heat detectors
    • Linear heat detectors
    • Fibre optic linear heat detectors
    • Ionization smoke detectors
    • Optical smoke detectors
    • Beam detectors
    • Flame detectors
  • MCP (Manual Call point)
  • Application of fire alarm
  • FIRE Response Indicators
  • Hooter
  • Voice Sounder
  • Fire Alarm main panel working Function
  • How to Working Fire alarm Panel
  • How to Connection Fire Alarm
  • Now a days Latest Technology usings
Burglar Alarm:
  • Burglar Alarm Introduction
  • Required Tools Of Burglar Alarm
  • Magnetics Contacts
  • PIR (Passive Infrared)
  • Control panel
  • Sounder
  • Application of fire alarm
  • Working functions of Burglar Alarm
  • How to Connection Burglar Alarm
  • Now a days Latest Technology usings
  • What is a Video Door Phone
  • Video Door Phone Application
  • How To Install & Configure
CCTV Camera Installation:
  • What is cctv?
  • Application of cctv
  • Tools and testing equipment of cctv
  • Cctv connectors-BNC/RCA and RJ45 explain
  • What is CCTV camera tester?
  • How check cable by digital multimeter?
  • How check connector by multimeter?
  • How check camera by multi meter?
  • How check camera by camera tester?
  • How check cable by camera tester?
  • Indoor and outdoor camera
  • Different types of camera model
  • What is different between analog and digital cameras
  • Analog and digital camera specification [TVL/MP/AGC/BLC/HLC/AI/DNR/WDR/IR]
  • Camera Lenz Comparison
  • What is cable?
  • Types of cable [co axial/cat5e and cat 6]
  • Cable distance explain
  • What is balun and how use balun?
  • How crimping co axial cable?
  • How crimping CAT6 cable
  • How connect hard disk to DVR?
  • DVR trouble shooting tips
  • How connect 4 cameras to computer via USB DVR?
  • USB DVR recording method
  • Hik vision DVR 4 cameras connectivity method
  • How get TV output from DVR?
  • Camera setting menu practical-motion ,video loss
  • Other DVR setting explain
  • How to get video backup from DVR?
  • How recording camera manually
  • Normal recording method practical
  • Motion recording practical
  • Playback demo
  • Camera recording practical
  • How connect DVR to internet?
  • What is IP address and its finding method
  • How register DVR ip address to modem?
  • What Is domain name? and its register method
  • DVR internet view and recording and other setting
  • DVR to Cell phone view practical
  • Cell phone camera view software downloading
  • How recording camera from cell phone
  • What is PTZ camera?
  • How to connect ptz camera to DVR?
  • What is preset and its practical
  • PTZ camera complete practical
  • What is joy stick and how to control PTZ camera?
  • What is ip camera?
  • What is NVR?
  • How configure ip camera ip address
  • How connect IP camera to NVR?
  • IP PTZ rolling camera cell phone view practical

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