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MSME Conducting Ac installation & service, Printer service training batch start on 23 to 25th aug. for details call: 9841099911 / 94440 34246
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Class Room Training / Package Courses

General   Category wise
S.No Course Code Course Name Syllabus
1 ADCEE Auto Electrician (Car) Training Syllabus
2 ADFAT Fire Alarm Installation Training Syllabus
3 ADFAT1 Advanced Diploma in Fire alarm Installation Training Syllabus
4 ADEPS EPABX Service Training Syllabus
5 Security Pack Security Devices Package Installation Training Syllabus
6 Laptop Pack Laptop Complete Chiplevel Package Training (L4) Syllabus
7 ADIST Inverter/Solar Inverter Service Trng Syllabus

S.No Course Code Course Name Syllabus
8 ADSPAT Solar Products Assembling Training Syllabus
9 CLP Pack Chip Level Package Training (Laptop & Desktop) Syllabus
10 Solar Pack Solar Power & Product & LED Lights Package Trng Syllabus
11 LED/LCD Pack LED/LCD TV & Monitor Service Package Training Syllabus
12 ADSEST Solar Power Installation Training Syllabus
13 ADLTS LED/LCD TV Service Training Syllabus
14 ADLT LED/LCD/TFT Monitor Training Syllabus
15 ADPDF PCB Designing & Fabrictn. Trng. Syllabus
16 ADCN Computer Network Training Syllabus
17 ADPS Printer Service Training Syllabus
18 Laptop Pack Laptop Complete Chiplevel Package Training (L4) Syllabus
19 ADCCS CCTV Camera Installation Training Syllabus
20 ADSE SMT Electronics Training Syllabus
21 ADFBVT Video Door phone,Fire & Burglar Alarm Instn. Trng Syllabus
22 ADFOTRT Fiber Optic,Telecom,RF Technology Trng. Syllabus
23 ADCCMT CCTV Monitoring Training Syllabus
24 ADMBS Desktop Motherboard Service Training Syllabus
25 ADCPS Cellphone, Smart Phone Trng Syllabus
26 ADCHS Computer Hardware Training Syllabus
27 ADLEDT LED Lights-Product Assembling Trng. Syllabus
28 ADHDDT Hard disk Data Recovery Advanced Training Syllabus
29 ADLMS Laptop Motherboard Training (Lvl-2) Syllabus
30 ADACT Access Control Systems Training Syllabus
31 ADLS Laptop Service Training (Lvl-1) Syllabus
32 ADRT Refilling Training(Ink,Toner) Syllabus
33 ADTBLT Tablet PC (TAB) Service Training Syllabus



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